• Network Name: CAPTIVA
  • Passcode: mvrentals (all lowercase)

** You can also plug directly into the modem in the Main floor master bedroom

The Apple TV is connected to the living room TV.  To operate, do the following:

  • Turn on the TV with the DirecTV or Vizio remote
  • Using the same remote, change the "ïnput" to ""Apple TV

Then, you can either mirror your iOS device to the TV or use the Apple TV remote to browse the available channels

Most manuals are kept in a drawer by the stove in the kitchen.  Some can also be found here:

To pair the Sound Bar with a Bluetooth device: 

1. Use the BT Pair menu option from the remote (see “Adjusting Sound Bar Settings” on page 15 of the manual). When the Sound Bar is in Bluetooth Pairing Mode, the LED Indicators on the Display Panel on the front of the Sound Bar will light sequentially from left to right and back again.  (Once the device is paired, the LED Indicators will stop flashing)

2. You can now search for the Sound Bar (VIZIO S4251w) using your Bluetooth device. For more information, see the owners manual.

3. Play audio from your Bluetooth device. Volume can be controlled on your source device and the Sound Bar.